About Bestfit

Best-Fit Tech is a technology blog dedicated to lend significant contribution to IT industry through some excellent programming lessons learned practically by experienced professionals and imparted to the budding developers who are seeking to whet their skills or receiving much needed help for the issues they are facing in actual practice.

As it is, there is a lot more to programming than is learnt in class-rooms that churn out developers. It goes without saying that it is all about writing codes of which sytax varies from one language to another, and it is used for building software.

By this time, we know about the best tools, frameworks, IDEs, etc which are available for the purpose; and also that different languages are suitable for the purpose they are respectively designed for. In the same way, we know that software have their own requirements sprung from industry-specific insights.

In short, we know many things. But, inspite of having known so much, there remain issues to be addressed, and developers the world over are finding it difficult to deal with them adequately. It is when they are challenged by some or the other problems and fail to meet them, that they come to know that still there is a lot many things that they do not know.

What they do not know, they can know, here, from the insight gathered by programmers through their extensive experiences of having worked on countless projects having utility for countless industries and their requirements; dealt with all possible challenges that bugged them through the development process; tested them, using three proven attitudes towards the product designed by them, namely, observation, analysis and skeptical empiricism, first in production environment and then in real life deployment environment; fixed all sorts of post-development problems which might have cropped up after delivering their goods…

It is our ardent desire, and we have the confidence, that the platform we have built for you will serve its purpose.